Tasks & Responsibilities

1. To participate in setting and carrying out commercial policies in a way that achieves the efficiency and effectiveness for the sector and leads to diversification of the production base and boosts constructive competition among its institutions; and reinforce the role of the private sector and its contribution to the national economy 

2. To suggest issuing commercial systems and regulations, review the systems and regulations applied. To supervise applying all the commercial systems whether they were issued before establishing the Ministry of Commerce or after that such as Commercial System, Companies System, Commercial Registry System, Commercial Franchise System, Commercial Chambers System, Trademarks System, Hotels System, Trade Securities System, Commercial Fraud Combat System, Cover-up Combat System,  Calibration and Metrology System, Precious Metals and  Gems, Legal Accountants System, Trading Books System, Arbitration System, Professional Companies System, Israel Boycott System, Relation between the Contractors and their Saudi Agent, Bankruptcy Protection Reconciliation System, among other systems for regulations and instructions determining the commerce and provision work, and the relations associated with the businessmen's community 

3. To regulate means of supervising the development of domestic trade markets and protecting them against exploitation and monopoly and to control prices. To review ways of commercial practices and develop methods and procedures in line with the public interest 

4. To issue licenses necessary for setting up the commercial chambers and their branches; and to follow up the activities of all the chambers and their budget and supervise the elections of their boards. To approve their organization of exhibitions and markets and their participation in the conferences related to their activity. To organize and receive commercial delegates and set up training centers, and all that can contribute to advancing and developing commerce and industry in line with the provisions of the commercial, industrial chambers system

5. To develop the foreign trade relations with all the sisterly and friendly countries and advance them in a way that copes with the fast-moving changes and developments on the international economic arena and protects the Kingdom's interests in all regional and international forums 

6. To supervise the Kingdom's admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the work of the National Committee for Commerce and Finance and the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC), and the chairmanship of the Saudi side in a number of joint committees for economic, commercial, and technical cooperation; according to the Prime Minister's Decree No. 100 and No. 101 on 28/11/1995 and the Royal Decree No. 5/1052 on 6/6/1996, No. 5/2417 on 30/11/1995, No. 5/5747 on 24/9/1995, and No. 9 on 29/11/1996 

7. To boost up procedures which help develop the non-oil exports, improve the trade balance with all the world's countries, and provide access to new markets for national products and participate in preparing the economic and commercial agreements with the other countries and prepare and review the lists of the exchanged commodities in cooperation with the concerned bodies. To issue certificates of origin for all national commodities 

8. To participate in the work and meetings of the international and regional institutions and organizations, the joint commercial and economic committees, the meetings held within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council in implementation of the economic cooperation agreement, as well as the commercial and economic meetings prepared within the framework of the Islamic conference and Arab League. To make the necessary arrangements in order to receive the official commercial and economic delegates visiting the Kingdom, and provide the necessary information for the Ministry's delegates when visiting the foreign countries.  

9. To study the requests presented by the government bodies, national and foreign organizations to organize temporary exhibitions in the Kingdom and abroad. To issue the necessary licenses for that according to the Royal Decree informed through Prime Minister's letter No. 16556 on 19/1/1961. To evaluate the invitations presented by Arab and foreign countries in order to participate in international exhibitions and supervise participation in them in cooperation with the concerned bodies ​ 

10. To appoint Commercial Attachés at the Saudi embassies abroad in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.​​

Last Modified 27 Dec 2018