How can the exporter take advantage of the Technical Barriers Agreement?

The knowledge of the Kingdom's obligations under the agreement of Technical Barriers on Trade is necessary.

The exporters and producers can get to know the latest local specifications and standards applicable to each state through its Inquiry Center.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Trade Agreement in Services?

The government, service providers, consumers and the general economy may benefit from the Trade Agreement in Services (GATS) according to the following:

A. Governments
Governments rely on an open and transparent environment to   provide services. The effective basic for services is a prerequisite for economic success.
Services such as telecommunications, banking, insurance and transportation provide input to all sectors strategically important, especially the sectors of commodities and services. Without the element of competition, it is not likely to prove its superiority in this field - to the extent detrimental to economic efficiency and growth in general.

(B) Local Service Providers
Through GATS, service providers can get better access to foreign markets, which affect the level of their service exports.

(C) Consumers of Services
There is strong evidence in many of the services that the liberalization leads to low level of prices, better quality and provides a wider range of choices to the consumers.

(D) Public Economy
Countries that have liberalized service markets have seen a wider   developments in the production process, where liberalization has allowed for greater transparency and predictability.
As the state's obligations contained in its service agenda at the World Trade Organization ensure providing a legally binding guarantee that allows foreign companies to supply services in accordance with stable terms.
In addition, the services commitments at the World Trade Organization would help in promoting foreign direct investment, which brings with it typical new skills and techniques to help engage in a larger economic system in many ways.


Last Modified 26 Dec 2018